� Luke Ketchem is the son of Ash and Dawn. His main pokemon will be a Bonsly. He is supposed to appear in DP569465475609 (long time, no see). Little is known about him, except that he has blonde hair, is 11 years old, weighs 85 pounds, has no allergies, wears a bright red short and black shorts. He stores his clothes and sleeping bag in a Duffel bag, and has 4 pokemon; Bonsly, Gible, Pigeotto, and Chimchar. Sorry, no pictures are available of Luke. Too bad, eh


Hunter J

Luke has a crush on J, but she thinks Luke is a total dork. Luke's Gible, known as Gibby, stole her pokeballs and freed her Salamence, Ariados, and Drapion. J eventually tried to choke Gibby, but Luke saw J doing so, and tackled her into the sea. She got swallowed by a Wailord, and was never seen again.


Annabel met Luke when he was pushed off Paul's Lugia, using Alakazam's Confusion to break his fall. Luke thanked Annabel and kissed her on the cheek. She has been spying on Luke, alongside his father and mother, making sure he made good choices.

Ash Ketchem and Dawn

His parents are Ash and Dawn, as said before, but when he was 3 years old, his parents left him with his Uncle Archie, commander of Team Aqua. Ash, his caring dad, needed to go to Mt.Silver to train for 100 years, and Dawn had to go with Ash or she would've dissed the Berlin name. Luke ran away from Archie because his uncle beat him and whipped him for no reason. After living in the bushes until he was 8, he went into Veridian City to find the Berlin orphanage, founded by Dawn's mom. He found Gramma Johanna, who was 65 years old and was almost blind, but had GREAT hearing. Gramma fed him and cared for him until he was 11, when Luke had to go because Gramma had been stabbed by J and died 5 minutes later. He took Gramma's prized Bonsly, got his PokeLicense, and set out to find his long lost father.

Near Death ExperiencesEdit

Finding Lapras;

Luke was shoved off of Paul's Lugia by Brandon, and fell toward the rocky part of the cove, but Annabel saved him via Alakazam's Confusion.

One heavy Snorunt;

Luke was shoved down towards Iceberg Canal by a group of shiny Froslass, and the water would freeze him to death, but he landed in a patch of snow a few inches from the canal.

Seaking of the World;

When Mount Magmar erupted, Luke pushed a little girl out of the way of a lava river, risking getting burnt to death, � but Ash's Blastoise cooled the lava then vanished. Luke then caught an injured Chimchar.

The Staravia of the Show;

Luke's Pideotto got hit HARD by a flamethrower from Paul's Charziard, and Luke fell off, plummeting right toward a Sawmill. But his Pidgeotto learned Quick Attack and saved him right before his hair go shredded by the Sawmill.

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